DukaBuy is an Online shopping service operated by MOSMIC CO, based in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, shipping worldwide, especially to African countries. We Currently deal with Electronic devices such as smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, and Other day-to-day necessary Gadgets.

DukaBuy brings you the new seamless experience of buying huge varieties of original Electronic Gadgets with just a few clicks. We ship our products from China by air and sea freight and let you pay effortlessly with your local payment services.
So, what makes us different from others you ask!?
Unlike most online shopping solutions, All our products are handpicked by DukaBuy personnel for quality assurance, not just a middle link between you and Suppliers in China, that is why we are confidently able to offer our own Company warranty for each product while not compromising the low price advantage.
We also have our Authorized Agents in countries like Tanzania for assistance.
Created with a breathtaking design, our Service is available through our website and Apps in all major app stores.
For further queries please contact us at [email protected] or our Support Team.